Slide SELL NOW Ringy is here to reduce electronic waste Let's start with cleaning out your drawers and garage. Sell your old devices to us so they can be refurbished or recycled.
Ringy’s Plan
Incentivizing recycling by giving users opportunity to sell their small electronics to Ringy
Ringy is offering an alternative to putting devices out of sight – money and knowing you have made an impact!
Selling refurbished devices with a 12 month warranty
coming soon
Ringy will offer a cheaper and greener solution to buying new devices. Ringy won’t just create new way of buying and selling devices, we will create a whole new mindset!
Manage and maintain devices with the Ringy application
under development
Ringy will increase device lifecycle thanks to repair and refurbishing options. Soon we will reduce the need to extract raw materials since old devices last longer, parts get recycled!
The Ringy Application
We are developing an app that will take your device management to a new level

All in one place

Manage you Invoices and warranties

Warranties notifications

Know when your warranty is about to expire

coming soon

Extend your device lifecycle

Find a repair place

coming soon


- Where to recycle
- Return and earn

coming soon

Get rid off your old device

- Sell through our marketplaces network
- Donate

coming soon

More about e-waste
tons ewaste generated in 2020 in World
EU E-waste recycling is down by 28% from its target
tons of devices are in total in EU home. But not all in use
recycling rate in EU in 5 years because using Ringy app
Kristo | RIngy App

Kristo Kraft

Ionut | Ringy App

Ionut Iordachescu

Taavi | Ringy App

Taavi Tuisk

Oliver | Ringy App

Oliver Läll

Merili Vares photo
Ringy ends the era of unidentified things and anonymous dumping by making your things yours throughout their life-cycle

Merili Vares

Sustainability expert
Richard Georg Engström photo
An extended life cycle of home electronics equals a reduced negative footprint. Ringy ensures that.

Richard Georg Engström

Impact Advisor & Investor
Kadi Kenk photo
We would never break free from the take-make-waste economy without solutions like Ringy that expand product life cycle and allow materials always stay in use.

Kadi Kenk

Circular economy expert