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This helps to understand the condition and determine the value. If the price estimation makes you happy, let us know where to send the package and where to transfer the money.

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Receive an eco-friendly package through Smartpost, insert the device into the envelope and send it back to us.

Ringy inspection

We will inspect the device and check the condition using the same 4 questions.
If everything is as promised, we will delete all the information on your device.

Bank transfer

We will make a bank transfer in 5 days after receiving the device.


Now your device will be given a new life and you have made the world greener! Baby rhinos will thank you!
By giving your device a new life,
You will make an impact!
old mobiles are gathering dust in EU drawers
1,2 tonnes
1,2 tonnes
of raw material to produce one laptop
of global e-waste is currently recycled
34kg of gold
34kg of gold
we can extract from a million mobiles
Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently accepting only devices that we can reuse.

Then we unfortunately can’t accept it. You can take it to the nearest recycling place, so it can be properly recycled. You can find it here.

If you have many devices that have a value then contact us and we can arrange a transport depending on your location. 

If you don’t like the price we can offer then you may not sell your device to us. If you already sent the device to us and inspection found problems that you forgot to mention we will contact you and make a new offer, if it doesn’t suit you we will send the device back to you for free.

Please let us know what kind of hardware you want to sell and we will make you a personal offer. Write to us

Yes you can insert multiple devices and depending on the quantity we might send you multiple packages. 

All the data on your device will be erased using special software. For mobiles we use Picea, for computers Killdisk or Whitecanyon. You can also do a factory reset yourself before you send the device to us. Detailed information can be found here: