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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for clients


1. Definitions

Client – anyone who accesses the mobile app or Ringy website

Service provider – any representative of a legal person who accesses the Web or mobile application to list and manage offers and pricing of the services through the Ringy application or website (www.ringy.app)

Ringy Company (Ringy) – The company that manages the Ringy application and website.

Website – computer system available using web browsers.

Application – computer system available for mobile phones type “smartphone” using Android and IOS operating sites.


2. Accessing services


2.1. Ringy helps clients to manage their electronic devices, find repair and recycling centers and sell certain products to refurbishing companies.

2.2. To the extent permitted by law, Ringy reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue at any time the provision of the Services and/or customer’s access to the Application, in whole or in part, including the availability of any element in connection with the Services, without any prior notice. To the extent permitted by law, Ringy reserves the right that, according to its own discretion and without being obliged to justify in any way, it refuses to grant access to the Services, to any person, at any time.


2.3. The client individual certifies Ringy that he is at least 18 years old by simply accepting this document.

2.4. The Client certifies by simple acceptance of this Document that according to the legal and/or statutory provisions he has the right to use and access the pages related to the Ringy Service and assumes full responsibility for the choice and use of Ringy.


3. Registration and Security


3.1. The application is available in online distribution platforms (Google Play and App Store) and can be installed free of charge by Customers.

3.2. The use of the application is conditional on the creation of a customer account and the acceptance of the terms and conditions of this document.


3.3. The Customer will provide Ringy with accurate, complete, current and valid data to benefit from the best experience on the application, and otherwise it will be considered that it has tried to violate the provisions of this Document, which may result in the immediate closure of its customer account.

3.4. Clients are prohibited from:

  1. a) Use as a username the name/name of another person with the intention of fraudulently using his identity;
  2. b) Use as a username of a name for which the rights are held by a person other than the Customer, without the explicit authorization of that person. Whenever he considers this situation to exist, Ringy will have the right to refuse registration or cancel all usernames and related accounts, according to his own option, which cannot be censored in any way by another person, and without being held to justify the reasons.


3.5. The customer is the sole responsibility for maintaining confidentiality regarding the chosen password and maintaining the security of his own account. Ringy is entitled to consider that any person who provides the correct password and username to access the account is authorized by the Client and RIngy is not responsible for any action of that person in connection with the use of the Application.


4. Information note on the protection of personal data


4.1. According to the requirements of the legislation on the protection of personal data, for the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data, amended and supplemented, and of Law No. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, Ringy will safely and only for the specified purposes, the personal data provided by Clients. We inform you that the personal data that Customers provide to Ringy are processed for the purpose of providing the Application in optimal conditions. Customers understand and accept that the personal data they provide are processed for the purpose of Ringy providing optimal internet services, advertising, marketing and advertising services, device management services, and/or providing goods and services.


4.2. Each Customer, at its own option, provides some of its personal data in order to create a valid account and to benefit from the service offered by Ringy. The data needed to create an account are: First and last name, e-mail address.

4.3. At the time of creating the account each Customer has the option to choose to receive information about the products, services, events etc. offered within Ringy by checking the appropriate box on the account creation page.

For more information on the protection of personal data please refer to the Privacy Policy.


5. Limitation of liability

5.1. Service providers whose offers (repair and recycling facilities and refurbishers) are displayed and promoted in the Application assume full responsibility for all information published in their connection in the Application, including those relating to products and services offered at reduced price, at their price, on the discounts granted, but not limited to them. The Company assumes no responsibility for the quality of the products and services offered by the merchants to the Users. The trader whose offer is promoted in the Application assumes full responsibility for providing it to users.

5.2. The Customer understands and accepts that through the application, Ringy offers only an online platform to promote merchants’ offers and collect the necessary points to help with device maintenance, so that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, it has no obligation or liability regarding the following, but not limited to those: Customers accessing the App; optimal operation of the equipment on which the Customer has installed / uses the Application (including integrated GPS); any consequences which may derive from the above; actions that may/may not be undertaken by any Client or person as a direct or indirect result of the use of Ringy. To the maximum extent permitted by law, RIngy may not be held liable for any actions carried out by the Clients nor for the use in any way of the Application or any other activity in connection with the Application. The customer calls the Application on his own responsibility. The use of any information provided through the Application will be made by the Customer entirely on his own responsibility.


5.3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Ringy does not implicitly or expressly warrant for the provision of the Services. RIngy will make every reasonable effort to ensure accuracy and trust in the Services and will attempt to correct errors and omissions as quickly as possible.

5.4. The Services and the Application are made available to clients in accordance with the “as they are” principle, “as available”, without any warranties, express or implied, and, to the maximum extent permitted by law, without any liability on the part of Ringy in connection with them. Ringy does not in any way guarantee or measure the results of the use of the Services and RIngy assumes all risks and all legal liability in connection with them. Expressly, Clients understand and accept that Ringy is absolved to the maximum extent permitted by law of liability for any direct, indirect damages arising from the use of the Application or any other aspect of the Service and from the use of the Application in any way or any legal effects deriving from it.

5.5. Customers understand and accept that Ringy is absolved of any liability in the event of any shutdown, interruption, difficulty, malfunction or error in the operation of the Services and Application, in the event of any technical error or error in the provision of the Service, in any situation where it would not prove certain that any errors or problems of a technical nature mentioned above are directly and exclusively due to the serious fault of Ringy. In cases of force majeure Ringy and/or its collaborators, operators, directors, employees, branches, subsidiaries and representatives, are totally exonerated from liability.

Force majeure cases include, but are not limited to, errors in the operation of Ringy’s technical equipment, lack of internet connection functioning, lack of functioning of telephone connections, computer viruses, computer attacks of any kind and interference with malicious software, unauthorized access to systems related to the Service, operating errors, strike, etc.

  1. Modification of Terms and Conditions

Ringy reserves the right to modify any provision of this Convention at any time by posting an announcement on the Site, or by sending information via e-mail or mail. The continued use of the Services by the User, following the posting of the Amended Convention on the Site, the posting of the announcement or the transmission of the information, constitutes a full and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of such changes to the Terms and Conditions.


7. Content of the Site and Application


7.1. The Site, the Application and all of their content, including the one related to the provision of the Services, are protected by the provisions of the Estonian copyright law and are created specifically for use by the Users when using the Services, and may be used with the authorization of Ringy only in strict accordance with the provisions of this Convention. All materials and information available on the Site and Application including, but not limited to, their content and graphics, all content in text format, as well as the technical sources of all present and future services and facilities, unless expressly mentioned by another owner, belong to Ringy or its affiliates and represent the Content, and the corresponding rights (including the copyright) belong to Ringy or its affiliates , as the case may be. The term “Content” specifically includes the websites and pages of the application that are related to the provision of the Services, in their entirety and any component thereof, including the web applications used to provide the Services, images, text, design, but not limited to them. The content, regardless of the area in which it is located and regardless of type, may be used exclusively for the purposes set out in this Convention and only in compliance with the terms and conditions laid down in this Convention. Any use of the Content and/or Services by third parties for purposes other than those provided for in this Convention may be made only with the written, express and prior consent of the Company’s legal representative. Thus, it is forbidden to copy, retrieve, reproduce, publish, transmit, sell, distribute partially, in whole or modified the Content or any part thereof performed for purposes other than for the use of the Services in compliance with the Convention. Ringy reserves the right to take legal action against any person and/or entity that in any way violates the above provisions.


7.2. The Customer shall comply fully with all copyright and related rights legal provisions, as well as any information and restrictions relating to any Content accessed in connection with the Services.

7.3. Any person who in any way sends information or materials to Ringy, through the Application or otherwise, assumes the obligation not to prejudice in any way the copyright that a third party may invoke in connection with the materials and information transmitted, and persons who in any way send information or materials understand and accept that the violation in any way of this obligation may not in any way commit the liability of Ringy, but only the liability of those persons. The User who provides Ringy materials/information declares and guarantees that he does not violate or violate any legal or contractual obligation to any third party or entity or any rights they may invoke, including but not limited to any confidentiality obligations.


7.4. Customers who in any way send information or materials to the Company, as described above, agree to give in non-exclusively, indefinitely and in all territories, at the time of their referral to Ringy, all rights of use, adaptation, modification and/or retransmission of the content with which they contribute or post on the Site or in the Application. RIngy cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the content posted in the App by any person, regardless of which section, service or facility that content belongs to.


8. Link to other sites


8.1. Customers understand and accept that the Application may contain links or references to other websites, which are considered by Ringy useful in connection with the Content or Service, but which are not under its control or guidance. Ringy is absolved of any liability for the content or opinions expressed on all the above mentioned websites, as well as their accuracy and accuracy, and Clients understand and accept that they are not monitored, controlled or verified in any way by Ringy. The inclusion of a link or reference to other websites does not imply the approval in any way of all their content by Ringy. When Customers access these websites, they do so at their own risk, knowing that the use of services offered by third parties is subject to the conditions set by them.


9. Stopping the effects of the Convention


9.1. Ringy may terminate or suspend any or all Services or access to the Application, without prior notice, if Ringy believes that the User violates in any way or to any extent any of the terms and conditions of this Convention.

9.2. In any situation of closing the Client’s account, including in case of termination by Ringy according to the above, the Customer will immediately cease to use the account in the Application. All provisions of this Convention which by their nature continue to take effect after its termination include but are not limited to disclaimers and limitations of liability.